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BAE Sandwich. (bacon, egg, avocado)

This may not be the most healthy thing I have posted as a recipe, but hey.. we are all human and we all indulge a little. It was so good so it was hard for me not to let this SIMPLE recipe out. I was at the beach three weekends in a row and woke up one day realizing we did not have much for breakfast after scoping out the fridge/pantry. I then realized I had these three ingredients and thought, why not!?

Please note: new section entitled guilty pleasures. Why? I mean… let’s be realistic, it’s ok to eat healthy most of the time and indulge once in a while!


1 egg
Sliced Avocado
1-2 slices bacon
Salt to taste
1 slice Whole wheat/whole grain or multi-grain bread of your choice
Hot sauce to taste (optional)

Toast slice of bread and add some butter to one side
Cook the egg a few minutes one each side but not overdone enough that the yolk is cooked
Add 1-2 slices of bacon to pain and cook until crisp
Add salt to taste on sliced avocado then lay the avocado on the piece of toasted bread
Add 1-2 slices of bacon
Add egg on top
Drizzle with hot sauce of choice