My Journey

My journey began back in 2012. I woke up one morning and decided I needed to make a change before I go down a destructive path of an unhealthy lifestyle. Many of us may have reasons or “excuses” as to why we make the choices we do and sometimes we use those reasons or “excuses” as ways to delay a new start. If this sounds like you then hopefully you can gain some benefit from the path I’m taking this blog to.

To make the long story short I went through major life changes and events that lead me to finding comfort in food. By 2012 I was the heaviest and most unhealthy I have ever been. I’m not sure what happened one day in March 2012 but I woke up one morning and decided I was going to change with NO excuses. I headed online and ordered a weight watchers kit of their books and tools. After reading through their system I realized it would work for me and began my journey. Since then I have successfully lost over 70 pounds and maintain an active lifestyle. So far, I have not rebounded back to any unhealthy habits.

Many of you may or may not know that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Seems like a long time, right? But if you think about it, 21 days over a period of a lifetime is so small. At the end of the day the change won’t happen until you WANT it to happen. It doesn’t matter how bad you feel, or how many people tell you that you need to do it. I learned the hard way that it has to come from you or else it’s very easy to get stuck in fads and things that only last for short periods or promote quick weight loss with easy weight gain once the fad or program is done.

The weight watchers point system allowed for me to realize how bad some of the things were that I would continually put in my body. Even snacks that you think are “healthy” can turn into an 8 point snack on a day that allows for 30. This is where my learning process began on what types of foods you should pick to eat when going to the grocery store which some of us struggle with daily.

I’m not here to promote the weight watchers system as the choice and style of the plan has to fit your lifestyle and be something you are comfortable with. I’m just simply trying to make the point that the entire process was a huge learning curve on how to truly change a lifestyle then to just lose 20 pounds and gain it back immediately because nothing changed.

As I began to feel physically better by providing my body consistently with the right and correct nutrition I started to fall in love with exercise. It did not feel like a “chore” as it did in the past. It has now turned into a form of mental health time and I try to incorporate it into my day the best I can. Currently, I love to bike ride 20+ miles/day.

My overall goal going forward is to help whoever I can with their struggle and to give the best advice I can as a person who has been through it and as a healthcare professional to help guide you in the right direction. You should expect future posts to provide tips/advice and exercise challenges to get you motivated. I will continue to provide healthy recipes that I’ve cooked myself as well as my continued information on joint diseases and conditions because I have a true passion for my field.

PLEASE, contact me if there is anything else you would like to see here as I will love to provide any information as possible. Do not hesitate me to contact me at any time for advice or support.

Here are two before and after pictures for anyone who is curious.


Back Camera






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