24 Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you have read my about me section and read through my journey then you understand my goal with this blog. I have recently become a distributor for AdvoCare which has helped me lose those last extra pounds I was struggling with. The AdvoCare 24-day challenge is a cleanse program that actually lets you eat! It is common to do juicing cleanses etc where people end up starving themselves and either discontinue the cleanse or gain back any weight they lost in a short amount of time. During the 24-day challenge you can eat 3 times a day with a modified diet and take supplements to help support your body during the process. I feel this is a great start for someone who is struggling finding a program to help them get on track.

If you happen decide you want to learn more about this program please visit my distribution site that is listed below or e-mail me with any questions though the website that you have. Through each purchase of AdvoCare I am readily available via e-mail to help you along with your journey or to provide you with additional recipe ideas and exercises along the way or will simply be available for any support!

Please look out for exercise pictures that will be posted in the near future that can be easily done at home and are safe to help assist with your weight-loss journey.

To follow my journey, please click the link to the left titled 24 Day Challenge Journey.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge


3 thoughts on “24 Day Weight Loss Challenge”

  1. I am very interested in the Paleo diet since I have Lupus among many other auto immune problems, also Advocare challenge because my fiance broke his back 8 yrs ago and is signifinately over weight.

    1. Shoot me an email through the contact me section and I can get your more information and answer any questions you need; I have a whole new blog that will be launching on paleo diet and lupus; the web address is https://paleofightinglupus.wordpress.com/

      you can also like it on facebook; there is a link to it on the website. again it is new but I wanted to separate it from my current blog; there are paleo recipes up on this site but the paleo stuff will be more regularly updated on the new blog

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