Lobster Salad Sandwich

After spending several weekends in Montauk how can one not order some fresh lobster and try creating a sandwich like this on your own? I “tried” to keep it healthy by using light mayonnaise as a coating, but hey… when you’re at the beach who is paying attention anyway?


1-2, 1.5 pound lobsters (2 lobsters got us two sandwiches with an extra serving left over)
Remove meat from lobster and chop roughly – I decided to leave the claws mostly intact
Chopped scallions, parsley, celery, and dill to taste
1 lemon
Salt to taste
Enough mayonnaise of choice to coat the lobster
Melted Butter

Combine lobster, chopped herbs and celery to taste, and salt in a bowl and mix until combined. Add enough mayonnaise and gently coat the mixture. Squeeze lemon juice on lobster salad to taste.

Apply melted butter to rolls and toast. Add lobster salad to rolls and enjoy with a cold brew!



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