Why go Paleo?

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For starters, I decided to recently to switch to a Paleo diet after being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Many of you may have your own reasons for going Paleo or maybe you are thinking about it for your own well-being with the increase in autoimmune diseases and cancers in our society.

So why Paleo?

The Paleo diet has been around ever since there was an evolution to the human species. This diet included: meat, vegetables, fruits and some nuts and seeds. It wasn’t until about 10,000 years ago when we started to cultivate legumes and beans. This turned into a change in our diet that our bodies now had to adapt to. 10,000 years may seem like ages ago, however this is a very short time when thinking about evolution.

Since the change in diet to adding legumes and beans; as you all know we also have now introduced processed foods, we are eating more carbohydrates, we are taking in fewer nutrients, and therefore have made our diet more toxic to our bodies.

This is why there is an influx in cancers, autoimmune diseases (or other inflammatory conditions), increases in skin problems, increases in osteoporosis, and why there is such a high-rise in diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

If you take a minute and think about this, it is actually possible to cleanse our bodies by going back to the diet nature intended. If we all do this; you may notice a reverse in diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease and perhaps even be able to manage your symptoms better in chronic disease. For example, my fatigue and skin problems have improved over 70% since starting a Paleo diet. I plan on continuing this to hopefully reverse my diagnosis and no longer be on toxic medication.

If you’re wondering what is allowed on this diet and what is not, check out my post Want to go Paleo?

Also, stay on the look-out for Paleo recipes to be posted as well as checking out my category on the left titled Paleo Recipes


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