Fiber and Weight Loss

As I mentioned it briefly in my last post I will say it again… FIBER is important in curbing hunger and playing a role in keeping your digestive system regular. So why fiber when you’re trying to lose weight? Fiber has the power to keep you feeling full. Most issues with weight loss is the ability to control hunger. This can be maintained with the proper amount of water and fiber intake in your diet.

Adding fiber-rich foods to your diet can make you feel full so you can resist urges to eating more food than you actually need. Foods high in fiber can also take longer to chew, which can give your brain time to signal that you have had enough to eat, which your brain does not register immediately. In fact, it can take your brain 15-20 minutes to realize you are full.

There have been recent studies that show that each person eats about the same weight of food every day. If you can substitute your diet for foods high in fiber and water you can actually eat the same amount of food (weight) with fewer calories allowing for your body to burn excess fat.

But be careful… you don’t want to go from no fiber to a high amount of fiber overnight. Adding it to your diet slowly can prevent bloating and gas by giving your body time to adapt to the new intake of fiber.

So what can you do to add more fiber to your diet?
Snack on veggies
Start your day with high fiber cereal and a bowl of fruit
Eat real fruit instead of drinking fruit juices
Eat more beans with your meal
Add nuts and seeds to your diet as a snack


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