Do you buy the right sneaker?

We all have probably heard of the kinetic chain in the body at some point. At times, many joint problems start with the foot. The way a person walks and the type of foot wear they choose to wear can be a factor to pain in the foot, knee, hip, or even the low back. Remember, the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, etc etc

So how can we pick out the right type of sneaker to wear? Well, I’m sure this is not news to anyone but always make sure when you try on the sneaker there is a good arch support. Why arch support? Well arch support helps the foot perform with correct mechanics when walking or running to prevent abnormal stresses on other joints such as the knee, hip, and back. However, there is another simple test you can do the next time you go to buy sneakers to know you are buying one to further help match the correct mechanics of the foot.

Take a look at these pictures

IMG_4199 IMG_4185

Notice where the foot bends in these pictures. This is where the foot bends each time we walk and push-off with our foot. Now, take a look at this picture


Notice when I squeeze the sneaker it bends in the same position our foot should? Well, this is one way to know you are buying a good show that will match the mechanics of your foot when you are walking. At times you may pick up a sneaker that bends directly in the middle. (which would be under the S on the sneaker in this picture) If that happens, when you wear the actual sneaker it will not match the mechanics of the foot when walking which in turn can cause pain to other joints.

I hope this simple tip helps. Oh, and don’t worry.. I always look like the weird one in the sneaker store!



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